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Mastering Pleasure: Try These Tips For An Intimate Evening



Are you living in a world where you have to fake an orgasm like Sally from the movie “When Harry Met Sally?”

According to a study, 60% of women report faking an orgasm, and most for totally similar reasons.

Sometimes you don’t want to make your partner feel insufficient in the “pleasure-giving department” or you might feel guilt or shame.

What is understood is that faking orgasms is common for all genders.

So, faking an orgasm is a crime? No!! But it can hamper your overall satisfaction, during your intimate evening.

Don’t worry, Meowwlicious has a guide for you. Here’s how you can master pleasure and have an amazing intimate evening with your partner:

 Be open about your concerns:


Whatever your reason for faking an orgasm is, communicate with your partner instead of telling your best friend that you hated having s*x with him.  Your pleasure is more important than your pride.

You might fear that your partner is bored with stimulating you, but remember, these doubts often come from your insecurities, not their actions.

Instead of assuming the worst, talk to your partner about how you’re feeling. Communication can help clear up any misunderstandings and strengthen your relationship.

If you struggle to orgasm during certain positions or feel uncomfortable during certain activities, communicate it with your partner. Communication is the most beautiful thing in a relationship and an intimate evening.


Master self-pleasure:

Explore what turns you on. It is a common and safest way by which you can explore your sexuality.

Bring your favorite toy to bed with you.

Toys might relieve a lot of stress if you’ve been faking it because you believe you’re taking too long to achieve your O.

They may also help you bond physically and rediscover what the other person enjoys.

You can add sex toys during your self-pleasure sessions. Start slow and try different positions. Fantasize what you want and incorporate it.


Get Down There:

 Giving or receiving oral sex isn’t for everyone, but when you’re really into a partner, it may be a terrific way to increase affection.

Initiate it with a little foreplay, but make sure to take consent.

Enjoy The journey:

 We are all about pleasure-based sex. If your primary goal during sex is an orgasm, you’ll miss out on half the enjoyment!

Sex does not need to be goal-oriented. If you are very concerned about having an orgasm, you risk establishing a mental block for yourself.

This not only reduces your chances of really hitting the big O, but it also takes you out of the moment in general.

Stop With The Blame Game:


It’s neither of your fault if you don’t have an orgasm. By eliminating blame and pressure, it promotes free discussion and experimentation, resulting in greater mutual pleasure.

Couples that embrace acceptance and collaboration can build greater closeness and connection in their sexual relationships.

In conclusion, openly discussing concerns with your partner fosters understanding and can lead to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Mastering self-pleasure and exploring what pleases you can enhance intimacy and confidence.

Stop saying “I hate to have sex with him” and communicate with your partner and enjoy your intimate evening.

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